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About JMAC

The Driving Force behind a New Generation of Innovation

Moriyoshi Akiyama PresidentJMA Consultants Inc. (JMAC) was established, in 1942, within the Japan Management Association (a non-profit organization), as a governmental support structure aimed at the promotion of managerial efficiency within Japanese industry. For the last half century, JMAC has developed a strong tradition of tackling the key issues confronting industry.
JMAC has now grown to comprise over 300 management consultants in Japan, and is Japan's oldest, as well as one of its largest, management consulting firms. Furthermore, through the activities of seven overseas branch offices, covering the regions of America, Europe, and Asia, JMAC takes pride in a proven track record of consulting achievement in more than thirty countries.
JMAC provides its clients with consulting services for all management fields, including areas such as management strategy, marketing, human resources/organization, research and development, production and logistics, and IT.
JMAC seeks to continue making a contribution to global industry, through utilizing our own unique competence as trusted professionals, and by serving as a driving force behind a new generation of innovation.

Taking on the Challenges of Management Innovation with a Global Perspective

Finding and maximizing the use of key success factors within the global marketplace.
With the advance of globalization, and intense competition within the global marketplace, the excellence of Japanese manufacturing techniques has once again become the focus of attention.
In fact, numerous blue-chip overseas corporations have introduced Japanese-style management approaches into their operations, and this management style has now become a core competence of such companies.
JMAC has several overseas offices, covering the regions of America, Europe, and Asia, and, through collaboration across these branches, JMAC has achieved many excellent results.

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